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Tiki with a Twist by Lynn Calvo
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Can’t get to the Caribbean or the South Pacific but want a delicious taste of those tropical islands? Now you can whip up new, mouthwatering tiki cocktails at home. From the Coconut Cucumber Mojito and the Honeydew Daiquiri to the Nutty Samoan and the Tahiti Spice Tikitini, these sexy, innovative drinks from Lynn Calvo, owner of Lynn’s Hula Hut in Montauk, New York, will take your tiki experience to the next level. 


While in Montauk at the Eastern end of Long Island, I stumbled on a heavenly slice of tropical paradise - Lynn's Hula Hut. Complete with colorful locals and a waterfront location, I immediately fell in love with two of their handcrafted cocktail surprises: the Brazilian Breeze and the Very Berry Brazil. Beautiful, bold, and bohemian, the Hula Hut experience is the creation of Lynn CaIvo, a successful entrepreneur who has travelled the globe in her quest for exotic tropical concoctions, which she graciously shares with visitors who've discovered her tiki oasis, just like I did. The moment I sauntered past swaying palms into the embrace of the bamboo hut, and as refreshing hula juice hit my lips, I found myself transported to that faraway island someplace I'd only dreamed of. Yet I opened my eyes to an equally amazing destination: friendly faces gathered around a tropical bar buzzing with activity. On the beach a local band strummed guitars inviting patrons to dance the night away on the sand.

Aromas of ripe fruit and fresh herbs, keys ingredients of Lynn's organic cocktail creations, lingered as rifts of reggae, blues, or rock and roll drifted across the water luring others to join the fun. It's easy to get lost among the good people there, like you've been invited to an exclusive beach party somewhere.

"Tiki with a Twist" Foreword - 

"It's five o'clock somewhere" and "Time flies when you're having fun" are apt adages here. Lynn, with her charming, confident personality sashayed through the crowd, encouraging businessmen, artists, fishermen, stylish New Yorkers, and international travelers to drink, dance, and unwind in the "Zen Den", or in a hammock, as flickering torches welcomed the night. Tiki culture is fun anywhere you go but particularly in Montauk, the last place you would expect to find it. Many of the original drinks are unforgettable, served in iconic ceramic mugs filled with homemade juices, and mixed with rare infused liquors adorned with fruits and flowers. It's happiness in a glass. Lynn Calvo has perfected a sophisticated yet playful twist on all things tiki and I can’t wait to return for more. Until I do, I will enjoy this beautiful book of amazing creative recipes that she's gathered here for all of us to enjoy. 

-Actor and Director John Shea

Lynn's Hula Hut and her naturally infused liquor and handcrafted cocktails have all gained recognition in the following publications: 

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